Robert Redford

Robert Redford

Actor details
Occupation Actor
Date of birth Aug. 18, 1936
Nationality USA

Milestone-Movies (als Schauspieler): «Inside Daisy Clover» (1965), «The Chase» (1966), «Barefoot in the Park» (1967), «Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid» (1969), «Jeremiah Johnson» (1972), «The Sting» (1973), «The Way we Were» (1973), «The Great Gatsby» (1974), «Three Days of the Condor» (1975), «All the President's Men» (1976), «The Electric Horseman» (1979), «Brubaker» (1980), «Ordinary People» (1980; nur Regie), «The Natural» (1984), «Out of Africa» (1985), «Legal Eagles» (1986), «The Milagro Beanfield War» (1988; nur Regie), «Havana» (1990), «Sneakers» (1992), «A River Runs Through it» (1992; nur Regie), «Incident at Oglala» (1992; nur Sprecherstimme), «Indecent Proposal» (1993), «Quiz Show» (1994; nur Regie), «Up Close and Personal» (1996), «The Horse Whisperer» (1998; auch Regie), «The Legend of Bagger Vance» (2000; nur Regie), «The Last Castle» (2001), «Spy Game» (2001), «The Clearing» (2004), «An Unfinished Life» (2005), «Lions for Lambs» (2007; auch Regie), «The Conspirator» (2010; nur Regie), «The Company You Keep» (2012; auch Regie), «All is Lost» (2013), «Captain America: The Winter Soldier» (2014), «A Walk in the Woods» (2015)

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  • THE OLD MAN & THE GUN (2019)

    Robert Redford as a charming rogue who, together with two friends, regularly robs banks.

  • PETE'S DRAGON (2016)

    A young orphan seeks refuge from his abusive adoptive parents with the help of a pet dragon and a couple who live in a lighthouse.

  • Truth (2016)

    Newsroom drama detailing the 2004 CBS 60 Minutes report investigating then-President George W. Bush's military service.

  • Picknick mit Bären (2015)

    After spending two decades in England, Bill Bryson returns to the U.S., where he decides the best way to connect with his homeland is to hike the Appalachian Trail with one of his oldest friends.

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

    Spektakuläre Fortsetzung des Action-Comics "Marvel's The Avengers": Captain America im Kampf gegen einen neuen Bösewicht.

  • ALL IS LOST (2013)

    In "All Is Lost" sieht sich Robert Redford als einsamer Segler nach einer Havarie mit einem gnadenlosen Überlebenskampf auf hoher See konfrontiert.