Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly

Actor details
Occupation Actor
Date of birth Dec. 12, 1970
Nationality USA

«Acting is great. When it works it is so fulfilling. You do the research and work with other talented people who are creative and compassionate and use all your faculties. The ability to express yourself completely is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Each film is a chapter in my life wherein I learn so much more about myself.»


Miss «A Beautiful Mind»

Milestone-Movies: «Once Upon a Time in America» (1984), «Labyrinth» (1986), «The Hot Spot» (1990), «The Rocketeer» (1991), «Higher Learning» (1995), «Mulholland Falls» (1996), «Inventing the Abbotts» (1997), «Dark City» (1998), «Requiem for a Dream» (2000), «A Beautiful Mind» (2001), «Hulk» (2003), «House of Sand and Fog» (2003), «Dark Water» (2005), «Little Children» (2006), «Blood Diamond» (2006), «Reservation Road» (2007), «The Day the Earth stood Still» (2008), «He's just not that into you» (2009), «The Dilemma» (2011), «Stuck in Love» (2012), «Winter's Tale» (2014), «Noah» (2014)

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