Douglas Booth

Douglas Booth

Actor details
Occupation Actor
Date of birth July 9, 1992
Nationality Grossbritannien

«The negative about acting is that you have to spend a great deal of time away from your friends and loved ones, but it's not like working a 9-5 job and only having two or three weeks off a year. I may not have seen my girlfriend for two or three months, but then we can spend two or three months together solidly.», «I’ve spent a lot of my teenage years working on sets. I've missed out on more than just playing rugby, but I think I've managed to keep my feet on the ground and keep my friends around me.»


Milestone-Movies: LOL - Laughing Out Loud (2012), Romeo and Juliet (2013), Noah (2014), Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Stars & News


  • Jupiter Ascending (2015)

    Jupiter Jones wurde unter dem Nachthimmel geboren - man sagt ihr eine grosse Zukunft voraus.

  • The Riot Club (2014)

    Die Erstsemester-Studenten Miles und Alistair setzen alles daran, in den berüchtigten exklusiven Riot Club aufgenommen zu werden.

  • NOAH (2014)

    Der "Black Swan"-Regisseur Darren Aronofsky inszenierte ein Epos bibilischen Ausmasses.