Wally Pfister

Wally Pfister

Beruf RegisseurIn
Geburtsdatum 8. Juli 1961
Nationalität USA

«Sadly, some people think of good cinematography as a beautiful sunset or a spectacular vista. I believe we affect the audience in a much more subtle way. We're manipulating them emotionally with light, darkness, colors, contrast and composition. I know the Dogme 95 theories, but I believe actors respond to light. Just look at a Rembrandt or Caraveggio painting or any of the Dutch masters, and tell me light isn't important. The pictures have to be true to the narrative, but I like to test the boundaries and see how far I can go.», «My work will not be seen on screen the way I want it to if I'm forced to compromise my tools and my integrity. I can't short-change my director by taking a chance that the perfect shot is going to be ruined because we're using a format of lesser quality than film.»


Milestone-Movies: «Memento» (2000), «Insomnia» (2002), «Laurel Canyon» (2002), «The Italian Job» (2003), «Batman Begins» (2005), «The Prestige» (2006), «The Dark Knight» (2008), «Inception» (2010), «Moneyball» (2011), «The Dark Knight Rises» (2012), «Marley» (2012)



    Johnny Depp und "House of Cards"-Star Kate Mara im Regie-Debüt von "Dark Knight Rises"-Kameramann Wally Pfister.