Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner

Beruf SchauspielerIn
Geburtsdatum 18. November 1955
Nationalität USA

«I had to make a big decision to become an actor, and when you decide to become an actor, there's a huge amount of doubt about what it means to those around you. Stuff like, 'How's he going to do that?' and 'What makes him think he can do that?' But I think doubt is not a bad thing to have, because it means you keep asking yourself questions. And if you're going to ask yourself questions, you have to come out swinging harder. You push harder. And everything that's happened to me in acting has been a fundamental of work and being associated with really good people.»


Mr. «Dances with Wolves»

Milestone-Movies: «Malibu Hot Summer» (1981), «Night Shift» (1982), «The Big Chill» (1983), «Fandango» (1984), «Silverado» (1985), «No Way Out» (1987), «The Untouchables» (1987), «Field of Dreams» (1989), «Dances with Wolves» (1990), «JFK» (1991), «Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves» (1991), «The Bodyguard» (1992), «Perfect World» (1992), «Wyatt Earp» (1994), «Waterworld» (1995), «The Postman» (1997), «Message in a Bottle» (1999), «Thirteen Days» (2000), «3000 Miles to Graceland» (2001), «Dragonfly» (2002), «Open Range» (2003), «Rumor Has it...» (2005), «The Guardian» (2006), «Mr. Brooks» (2007), «Company Men» (2010), «Man of Steel» (2013), «Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit» (2014), «3 Days to Kill» (2014), «Draft Day» (2014)

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